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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Welcome to Massage Therapy Studio, where we put your wellness needs first! Our experienced team of massage therapists provide a tailored service, each with their own unique technique and touch to ensure your relaxation and health needs are met.


Amber Zander

Amber attended Health Works Institute in Boseman, MT and graduated in August 2012. As a certified Massage Therapist, she uses massage therapy to help clients reach health and healing goals. Her focused techniques are a combination of Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy. Amber uses massage therapy to help the body heal holistically.


Amber enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.


Amber looks forward to assisting you on your path to wellness.

Joined May 2021



Joined June 2022


Jessica Wagner

Jessica graduated from Montana Academy of Salons in Great Falls, MT. With a relaxing Swedish technique. She works to help energies flow more efficiently through the body and strives to treat clients with a pleasant and therapeutic experience.


Her goals are to allow clients the opportunity to slow down from the day-to-day rise and grind and enjoy a moment of self-care.


Jessica is curious about other modalities to incorporate into her massage performance and strives to expand her education further.

 Joined November 2022 



Olga graduated from Missoula’s Montana School of Massage in 2010. Over her years she has learned to treat muscles as tension patterns and the body as a whole. She work just to the depth your muscles need to be able to relax believing they should be guided into release, not bullied.

She incorporates a lot of myofascial work, trigger point connections and SMRT into her sessions.

Olga’s goal is for people to forget why they came in to see her in the first place.


Started September 2020

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